Company information

Our law office has direct Internet access to the on-line information system of the Company Service of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, which permits the acquisition of the authentic certificate of incorporation of any business corporation registered in Hungary and that our clients may get authentic and up-to-date information on any company recorded in the registration system of the courts of registration.

The service provided by our law office ensures quick access to the court announcements concerning the company in question (with respect to the registration of new corporations, modifications, rejection and correction orders, final settlement procedures, deletions and terminations, or the publication of bankruptcy and liquidation procedures).
In addition, we undertake to obtain the balance sheets and profit and loss statements of the companies selected, within a short time, as well as to follow up on any changes to the data concerning the given company.

At the request of our clients, we collect from the national company registers and check the data of the company searched for and check them, we search through company register files and further, check them and collect the data submitted.