On-line counsel

We are pleased if you contact our law office concerning your legal problem personally.

If you provide us with your data as requested below and inform us of your problems immediately, we will respond as soon as possible.

Our law office takes privacy regulations very seriously.

Please click here, if you wish to learn more about the protection of your personal data.

Our office charges a fee for counsel provided in the framework of personal consultation. Should you want to ask any legal question on-line, please read the below information, summarize the statement of affairs in short and ask your question.

  • The law office provides on-line counsel free of charge. Free on-line legal counsel serves the purpose of information only. Its function and objective is to facilitate the administration of affairs through information prior to personal consultation
  • Due to the incompleteness of the questions asked and/or limitations of space, on-line legal counsel is not suitable for the forming of legal opinions that are complete and correct in all respects. Consequently, the responding attorney shall not assume any liability for the legal advice published at the website. The answerers may not be held responsible for providing answers with significant delay or providing no answers at all.
  • We hereby remind our existing and prospective clients that forming a well-grounded expert opinion always requires personal consultation in addition to our free on-line legal counsel.
  • We strive to answer questions within 3-5 business days, depending on our workload. Please note that we shall not open attached files. We provide no counsel on phone.
  • Our office charges a fee for counsel provided in the framework of personal consultation.

You can request an appointment for personal consultation here.