Dr. Jány Law Office provides comprehensive legal service for Hungarian and foreign corporations and private persons in the field of civil and economic law interpreted in the most inclusive sense.

Our objective is to provide high standard, up-to-date legal services enabling the quick and effective serving of our clients.

We believe that one of the guarantees of the successful management of legal problems is the personal and open relationship with clients; therefore, we strive to gain the best possible understanding of the problems and circumstances of our clients.

  • Our office cooperates continuously with accountants, tax advisors, real estate experts, banks, as well as foreign law offices and economic advisory entities.
  • Our inter-office communication permits the quick, effective and high standard resolution of legal issues arising within our country or across borders.
  • Dr. Jány Law Office has established close cooperation with the Budapest Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. German private persons and business entities contacting the Embassy with legal questions may and do often seek legal counsel from our office as the office officially recommended by the Embassy. We offer the whole range of legal services concering issues governed by the laws of the Repuclic of Hungary including but not limited to real property, inheritance, debt/claim collection, family law (establishment of paternity and child custody cases included) and Criminal law.
  • Dr. Attila Jány, founder and head of the office, is a member of the Hungarian German Association of Lawyers, as well as the organisation Wirtschaftsjunioren Ungarn, consisting mainly of the leaders of business entities of German interest in Hungary.
  • The office has established cooperation with several foreign law offices.
  • Cooperation with the German and Austrian partners permits, on the one hand, ongoing exchange of information concerning German, Austrian and Hungarian legal and economic environment, which enables our office to provide clients with up-to-date legal information at all times. On the other hand, our Hungarian civil and corporate clients will be provided with proper legal counsel in Germany or Austria, as a result of the cooperation, on an as needed basis.
  • Our law office developed mutually beneficial cooperation not only with international law firms, but other economic experts as well.
  • Our office cooperates with Meritservus Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Deloitte in Cyprus.  As a result of this cooperation and with the help of our tax advisors, we can assist with solving international tax optimisation issues or cross-border problems related to tax laws.
  • The law office is a member of the international organisation of attorneys ADVOLEX involving about 200 law offices in 28 countries. This international network ensures us the professional background in cases governed by the laws of other countries or where we have to represent our clients in other countries.
  • Such an international network of relationships permits our office to provide full-scale services to our clients, follow up on international developments and resolve cross-border legal issues as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • The quick and high-standard management of affairs is greatly assisted by the modern infrastructure of our office (direct access to the databases of all courts of registration and land registry offices in the country).
  • We are ready and able to provide services to our clients in Hungarian, German and English languages.

Please, find the detailed introduction of our Office on the following pages.