The Law Office can be easily accessed both by car and public transport.

By public transport:

The Law Office may be accessed on several routes, and it is located at a few minutes’ walk from the below stops:
tram No. 4-6, stop: Margit-híd budai hídfő

  • buses No. 6 (206), 60 (160), 86, stop: Margit-híd budai hídfő
  • buses No. 91, 91A,191, stop: Margit-híd budai hídfő or Rómer Flóris utca
  • bus No. 11, stop: Mechwart liget

By car:

Arriving from Margaret boulevard (Margit körút), from the direction of Margaret bridge (Margit híd) by turning right up into Rómer Flóris street (Rómer Flóris utca).

Parking spaces are easy to find in the surrounding streets /Rómer Flóris utca, Budai László utca, Szemlőhegyi utca/ in daytime as well.

Address: Dr. Jány Law Office
1126 Budapest, Szendrő str. 57.
Post office box: Budapest 23  Pf. 97.
Phone: + 36 (1) 336-04-81
Fax: + 36 (1) 336-04-82
E-mail: office (at)

You can request an appointment for personal consultation here.