Corporate Law

  • The activities of our office cover all the tasks related to legal matters accompanying the life cycle of corporations /business entities, special corporations, associations and foundations/, in particular foundation, transformation, operation and the establishing of further corporations, as well as the representation of them in business negotiations or official procedures, legal advice in preparation for liquidation or winding-up, the drafting and countersigning of corporate documents and legal instruments and the representation of them both in and out of court.
  • Our office is capable of completing the necessary documents for the establishment of a business entity in as little as an hour.
  • Our office administers the modification of companies and the transfer of quota and provides help with the development of bylaws and disciplinary or other internal policies.
  • Our office offers legal support for transactions related to capital increase, capital decrease, the transfer of quotas/shares and the due diligence of companies.
  • In consideration of the fact that the major difficulty with founding a company is often the selection of the name of the corporation to be founded, our Office undertakes to check the corporate name chosen by the client with the appropriate Hungarian registry of companies.
  • You can request information from our office here as to whether the selected name of your prospective company is let available. Please, send us several possible options. We will answer your question within 1-5 days.
  • Our office has direct Internet access to the on-line information system of the Company Service of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, which permits the acquisition of the authentic certificate of incorporation, official copy of company documents and company certificate of any business entity registered in Hungary, so that you may get authentic and up-to-date information on any company recorded in the system of the courts of registration.