Property law

Our office provides comprehensive legal services related to real properties, from the first legal consultation through the drafting of documents, to land registry office administration.
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Corporate Law

The activities of our office cover all the tasks related to legal matters accompanying the life cycle of corporations /business entities, special corporations, associations and foundations/, in particular foundation, transformation, operation and the establishing of further corporations, as well as the representation of them in business negotiations or official procedures, legal advice in preparation for liquidation or winding-up, the drafting and countersigning of corporate documents and legal instruments and the representation of them both in and out of court.
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Labour law

We provide services both for employers and employees in this field.
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Law of the European Union, international private law

Our law office pays special attention to legal issues related to the European Union, and we deem it important that our clients get acquainted with the laws of the European Union and the litigation practice of the European Court of Justice, by means of our legal counsel.
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Law enforcement

Legal enforcement of claims and outstanding amounts (participation in concluding pre-court, in-court and out-of-court agreements or instalment payment agreements, the drafting of payment notices and demand notes and initiating winding-up procedures or litigation procedures against debtors).
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Law of contracts

Drafting of all types of contracts in Hungarian, German and English language, and the giving of opinion on existing contracts.
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Family law

  • Settlement of property matters of marital partners or life partners
  • Legal representation and counseling concerning child or family support ,
  • Drafting of documents
  • Representation in and or out of court in cases of dissolution of marriage
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Probate law

  • Preparation and safe-keeping of last wills and testaments
  • Preparation of inheritance contracts
  • Representation in probate proceeding and contests
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Issues related to residence, immigration and citizenship

Complete administration related to the acquisition of work permit, any type of residence permit or permanent residence permit. Complete management of citizenship issues.
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Litigations and other official procedures

  • Civil lawsuits (legal disputes arising out of contract, family law disputes)
  • Economic lawsuits (disputes arising out of contracts between business entities and settlement issues) (..)
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